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About NIC

Cardilogical Society of India (CSI) is the oldest and the most prestigious organization of cardiologists in the country. It was founded more than 60 years ago (4th April 1948), an year earlier than American College of Cardiology and the International Society & Federation of Cardiology (ISFC). Over the years it has been gaining in strength and is representative of cardiologists from all parts of India and even other South Asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Currently, its membership is close to 4000 life members.

National Intervention Council (NIC) is the interventional arm of CSI established to provide forum for practioners of this sub-specialty. Traditionally, NIC holds a Mid-term Interventional Meeting in the month of April and an Interventional Workshop along with Annual CSI Meeting, in the month of December. It is estimated that currently there are 1400 interventional cardiologists in the country. Appreciating the growing needs of this sub-specialty, CSI has decided to up-scale the activities of NIC. It is especially interested in long-term partnerships with regional and other international societies.

The first meet of Interventional Cardiologists in the country was held in Bombay in the year 1985 at Hinduja Hospital. At that time it was called PTCA Registry Meet. Leading Interventional Cardiologists like Dr. A.B. Mehta, Dr. D.B. Pahlajani, Dr. M. Panja, Dr. Ashok Seth, Dr. D.S. Gambhir, Dr. S.K. Mathew and others were instrumental in the initiation of the Interventional Cardiology Conference in India. The Interventional Cardiology Meet was named Midterm National Interventional Cardiology Conference in the year 1999.

Recently, West Bengal Chapter of Cardiological Society of India has also started to organize its Midterm Interventional Cardiology Meet every year and other branches of CSI in the country are likely to follow the pattern very soon.